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RaidFeast - Minecraft plugin 1.19.x - 1.20.x

Allows you to make most items in the game edible, with customizable health, cooldown, saturation, messages, permissions, hunger and command variables.

Why RaidHub?

Short description
We’ve crafted RaidHub to be a welcoming space for players of all levels and interests, or simply a place with something for everyone.

About us

General Info
Our mission is simple: Improve your day by any means.

Of course, we have other goals such as expanding ourselves or creating content, but fun is our utmost priority.

We are always open for suggestion on how to improve, or if you have any ideas that you find interesting, our discord is always available for discussions.


Frequently asked
Q: What kind of community is this?
A: I’d say anything related to gaming.

Q: Is there a main focus overall?
A: Quality content, something most people can enjoy or use, anything that the community may find fun, useful or funny in some way or another.

Q: Why premium resources? (paid)
A: Hosting websites, servers or some other of our activities may cost money, most, if not all of our sales goes directly into development (games, plugins, resources in general) therefore the occasional premium resources.

Interested in what we do?

Check out our resources, or contact us with any detail you may be interested in about our community!

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